Frequently Asked Questions 2019

 What is the cost of coaching sessions?

Group coaching sessions cost £7 per hour for members and £8 per hour for non-members.

 How do I become a member?

Membership information packs are available from outside the clubhouse or via our website Membership discounts are available in your first year. With discounts annual Junior membership is only £37. Parents are also welcome to join as "accompanying parents" for a discounted fee. This allows you to play oncourt with your child. Full adult membership is £170 per year.

 What should I wear?

Players should wear appropriate sports clothing - this does not have to be white. For new players to the game please do not buy expensive “named” sportswear. T-shirts and tracksuit bottoms/shorts are fine.

 Do I need my own racket?

No. All equipment is provided. As your standard improves you may decide to buy your own racket.

 What is the minimum age for players?

We take players from the age of 4 year old.

 Which group session should I apply for?

This is not easy to answer without seeing players in action. If you are unsure please give me a call and I will make a judgment based on age, sporting history and the standard of other players in each group. All groups are flexible, so players can be moved part way through the course should a group or combination of children prove to be unsuitable.

 Do I need to be a member of the club to have lessons?

No. However, it would be advantageous for players to join so that social tennis can be played outside of your coaching sessions and the technique and skills learnt during sessions practiced. Non members pay an extra £1 per group coaching session.

 Can I join a course after it has started?

Yes, if there is space. The cost will be pro rata for the number of remaining weeks.

 How do I know if a lesson has been cancelled when the weather is bad?

The coach will attempt to contact (txt) all players prior to the start of the lesson, however this is not always possible, therefore if you have not received a txt please phone the coach on their mobile to confirm arrangements.

 What happens if a lesson is cancelled due to bad weather?

Players will be given credit that can be used on subsequent courses.

 What should I do if I know I will be unable to attend all sessions due to holidays etc?

Enter what dates you are unable to attend on the application form and reduce the total course fee accordingly. You only pay for the lessons you attend.

 Are individual coaching sessions available?

Yes. Ask one of the coaches and they will provide further details.

 Do lessons run all year round?

No. The Saturday junior lessons will run until 16 November 2019. The Wednesday after school courses will start 1 May 2019 and finish on 9 October 2019. Adult lessons run all year round.   

 If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact the Thistleworth Coaching Team on 07511 886971.